What are my chances of dating harry styles

His eyes skimmed your section, making your heart race even more.He didn’t seem to see you though as he frowned a bit before moving down the stage, getting into the song.You didn’t want it to be all ruined tomorrow night after the show. ” You ask your best friend as the two of you head towards your section the next night at the show.Harry had gotten you tickets to be front row for the entire thing.Your guard was always up just a bit, not wanting to get hurt but afraid that you would.“You have to understand why I’m afraid you’re a fake.” You respond, biting at your lip nervously, waiting for him to respond and confess he wasn’t really Harry Styles.“Let me prove it to you, yeah? When it came to the day to leave, you were nervous.Part of you wanted to stay home and stay naive, staying in your possibly fake bubble thinking you were sort of dating Harry Styles. You made sure to pack a cute outfit so you would look good.“Do I look okay?“I made sure she was here tonight and I couldn’t be more happy to see her smiling face in person right now.” Harry then looks over at you, making complete eye contact with you, smiling. It was Harry that you were talking to this entire time. The girls around you all eyed you up and down, obviously confused.

And if it wasn’t Harry, whoever it was really went all out on buying you tickets, including plane tickets and a hotel, just to get you to believe.

The two of you got on amazingly and he was so sweet and you loved talking to him.

Then when he direct messaged you and the two of you began talking, eventually exchanging phone numbers, you couldn’t be happier.

Your best friend assured you that was a big indicator that it truly was Harry and he was being honest. You felt such a connection to this man and you prayed it wasn’t all a lie.

You could see yourself being with Harry and didn’t want it all to be ruined.

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Malik is a real talent and definitely a free spirit. Perhaps no one is as hard-working as Louis, always looking for a good time and good tune. But seriously, if you're most like Harry, you're a kind, hilarious, talented person. You know when to party and when to reel it in, which makes you a really well-rounded person. He's outgoing and funny, and if this is your answer, chances are you probably are, too.

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