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Approval of the Agenda CARRIED UNANIMOUSLYCUPE Local 391Aliza Nevarie, President, CUPE 391 noted that they are one of the sponsors at the Sunshine Coast Writers Fest as well as a sponsor of the Word Vancouver 2017 Festival in September.They are also planning to attend the CUPE National Convention in November.The story is about a group of security professionals w… Lyle and Kim Howe for inviting me to teach a class on character at Craft Fest.Read more I'm back from Thriller Fest, which was a hell of a lot of fun. Kim and Adam Hamdy are my fellow authors at Quercus USA, and the conference presented the perfect chance to get to meet them. Read more Tomorrow night I'll be a guest at the South Hill branch of the Vancouver Public Library to talk with their book club about Invisible Dead.The host, Willem, asked how it felt to win literary awards. Here are the details: Feb 22: Real Vancouver Writers, Grunt Gallery, 350 E 2nd Ave #116, Vancouver. I'll be reading with Adele Barclay, Danila Botha, Jonina Kirton, David Ly, and Cole Nowicki. INVISIBLE DEAD will be released in America on May 2nd, 2017. The Vancouver Writers Fest wrapped up last weekend.I was on a panel with Michael Koryta and Peter Robinson, moderated by Lonnie Propas. Read more The first month of being the VPL Writer in Residence has been amazing.Mary Lynn also attended the nə́c̓aʔmat ct Strathcona Branch’s "Our Voices: Not Yours" event.

It was originally written for a Neil Young-themed anthology which, sadly got shelved.Mary Lynn is also looking forward to attend Dunbar Branch’s Mandarin classes.Board Chair Kyla Epstein attended the VPL Foundation Revenue Generation Workshop as well as the "LGBTQ: A History of Activism" event.a) Branch Staffing Model - Implementation – Aliza Nevarie, President, CUPE 391a) Reading Presentation – Christina de Castell, Director, Collections & Technologya) Removal of Items from Consent Agendab) Approval of the Agenda – Additions/Alterationsc) Minutes – Receive/approve draft minutes of Board meeting held June 28, 2017 [PDF Link]a) Donor Recognition Policy [PDF Link]b) CFLA/FCAB Truth & Reconciliation Committee Recommendations [PDF Link]DIRECT TO BOARD a) Monthly Outcomes Report – June 2017b) Musical Instrument Lending Annual Evaluation [PDF Link]c) The Reading Tree Distribution [PDF Link]d) June 30, 2017 Operating Results [PDF Link]e) Inter LINK Report and Inter LINK 2016 Report to Members [PDF Link]f) Vancouver Parks Board Liaison Report - July 2017 [PDF Link]g) BCLTA Report (Verbal)h) Correspondence [PDF Link]CRPD COMMITTEE h) Draft Minutes – July CRPD Committee Regular Meeting [PDF Link]5(n)(10) Negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of an activity, work or facility that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the Board, could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the Library if they were held in public.Present: Mary Lynn Baum; Carellin Brooks; Amanda Card; Jennifer Chan, Vice Chair; Kyla Epstein, Board Chair (via conference call); Suki Grewal; Karen Hoffmann; Raji Mangat; John Schaub, Acting Chair; Rhonda Sherwood Absent: Gordon Ross; Sarah Kirby-Yung, Vancouver Park Board Representative; Clr.

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The Quercus team are as cool and enthusiastic in real life as I hoped. Read more Invisible Dead is out today stateside and internationally from Quercus/Hachette. Jinder the book club host is terrific, and I really enjoyed co-hosting the Asian Mystery Writers book club with her last fall as part of the Writer in Residence program. Read more My residency with the VPL was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career. Read more The second Wakeland novel has a name, cover and publication date.

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