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There is a problem of preservation of archeological evidences because some place preserve findings better than other and from some places we don’t have evidence at all.

Textiles appeared in the Middle East during the late Stone Age.

Some were invented with one intent only to be later used for completely different one. Knitting and weaving are two very interesting achievements of human race.

Nobody knows who was the first who got the idea to make fabrics in that way but we know that the idea was brilliant.

All samples that meet competition requirements will be included in a traveling exhibition.

Textiles that receive an award will be featured with artist information.

Anthropologists think that animal skins and vegetation were adapted as protection from weather conditions.Exhibition locations include the Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, and Michigan USA. The wearing of clothing is specifically human characteristic and most human societies wear some form of clothing.Seven techniques are included in this competition as described on the website. A special cross-category award will be presented for a textile that combines two or more methods.An overall first prize will be awarded to the best sample in the competition.

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There is evidence of pottery figurines that were depicted with clothing and a piece of cloth made from bark fibers dating from 5500BC.

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