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It takes us inside a hostel room where we “examine how the loss of his mother, his father’s wife who had been the moral fibre of their family, has forced the two males to confront the generational gap between them”.Through this confrontation, we explore what it means to be a working class man and a father, in today’s South Africa. It doesn’t apologise for being hard-hitting and is effortless in it’s humour and charm (a bit like Eliot to be honest).Plays will be translated into French, and released on 1 day 1 play’s website, as in 20, at the occasion of the WDT. ***** Children’s Monologues The Children’s Monologues dramatise the testimonies of young children growing up in Rammulotsi, a small rural township in the Free State province of South Africa.Invited to describe a day that made their soul happy or sad, The Children’s Monologues retell the true stories of young people expressing personal experiences in their own words.The power to speak politically from one corner of the world and touch many others in a very private and personal way is quite rare to find in a story and this play does this.” Read more The Man In The Green Jacket was performed at the Joburg Theatre in Johannesburg, National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, and Jermyn Street Theatre, London, where it was directed by Roy Alexander Weise.

The issues of badly distributed power and wealth are ones that we see everywhere: Spain, Ukraine, Brazil, London…Everywhere.Armed with a makeshift aircraft, helmet, GPS and a cockpit full of courage, he and his pet plot a journey to search for them.The play was performed at Pop Art and Hillbrow Theatre in Johanneburg, Theatre Arts Admin Collective in Cape Town, and National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.As an introduction to Level Three training, Julia Buss, our Zimele Community craft programme co-ordinator, explained that the women would be having some fun.First they presented the products they had made to join Level Three and Julia took photos of these products.

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