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Unfortunately, that “positional bargaining” prevents you from finding a win-win outcome (Fisher & Ury, 1981). In other parts of the world, negotiation is very different. Instead of competing against a counterpart, the two parties work together to reach an outcome that’s mutually beneficial.To enhance your deal in the negotiation, you and your counterpart need to adopt a cooperative mindset.Thus, parties are more motivated to reach an agreement (Hatta, Ohbuchi, & Fukuno 2007). On the other hand, more aggressive negotiators would recommend your own office.Not only could you convey your dominance through that decision, but you could also use your office to incorporate other persuasion techniques.

People perceive it to be very combative, where you’re competing winner can emerge. However, that philosophy has influenced the negotiation process in the Western world.When hiring managers eventually choose the best candidate, your interview will enter their mind more easily.And thanks to , that ease of recall will be misattributed to your performance.Because they’ll remember you more easily, they’ll falsely infer that you’re a better fit for the position (Whittlesea, 1993). On one hand, face-to-face communication generates more rapport (Drolet & Morris, 1999).If you can’t choose an early time, you should choose a later time (perhaps 4-5pm). It also conveys more clarity since some information is conveyed nonverbally (De Paulo & Friedman 1998). Some studies found opposite results, where email produced better outcomes (Croson, 1999).

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