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250), who developed original methods for solving problems that, in retrospect, may be seen as linear or quadratic equations.

Yet even Diophantus, in line with the basic Greek conception of mathematics, considered only positive rational solutions; he called a problem “absurd” whose only solutions were negative numbers.

Greek proportions, however, were very different from modern equalities, and no concept of equation could be based on it.

For instance, a proportion could establish that the ratio between two .

Visste du att det finns ca 500 olika banansorter, både ätliga och oätliga!?

between geometric magnitudes, namely, the ratio between the side and the diagonal of a square.Med denna stora varietet av bananer är det lätt att gå vilse i banandjungeln. Därav samlades bananjägare runt om i världen på en stor kongress, med intention att sammanställa de mest vanliga arterna av denna makalösa frukt (bananplantan är egentligen världens största ört, och dess bär kallas för banan). In problems involving quadratic equations, he never suggested that such equations might have two solutions. Because of their great generality, polynomial equations can express a large proportion of the mathematical relationships that occur in nature—for example, problems involving area, volume, mixture, and motion.In modern notation, polynomial equations in one variable take the form is known as the degree of the equation (for example, 2 for a quadractic, 3 for a cubic, 4 for a quartic, 5 for a quintic, and so on).

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