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To the west is located a table of offerings measuring 4.20m x 0.80m x 0.78m. The central section, oriented north - south, measures 8.90m x 2.00m x 2.40m (height).

The sarcophagus, in thin Toura limestone, is at the east end, its measurements being 2.73m x 1.32m x 0.90m. It represents a room intended the cult worship with any precision. 1.40m to the south of the northwest corner stood a false door of 2.10m in width, 2.10m in height and 30cm of depth, which has disappeared.

Within the group of tombs which are at the south of the causeway of Unas, the one of Neferherenptah is located at the west end of a sub-group and is positioned higher in relation to those of Irukaptah, Akhethetep and Nyankhra, which are towards the east.

As all tombs of this area, it underwent the repercussions of the construction of the causeway of Unas.

The side walls of it are 30cm thick, as also is the lid, which had been found out of place on its side. Behind it is a serdab, T-shaped when the entrance is included.

The serdab itself is 2.10m wide by 0.70m deep and 1.90m in height.

Thus, the private serdab appears as an optional piece, that had an appropriate evolution.

The burial complex was established in several phases during the Vth Dynasty, which will be returned to later.

It was never the object of a complete publication, the remaining reference work being the one of Hartwig Altenmüller, the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) having received the authorisation to work in this tomb during the 70s of the last century.

Jan Assmann on the topic "The serdab in the private tombs of the Old Kingdom".

Here is a summary of it: The standard serdab is defined as an oblong or square room for a statue, situated in the superstructure of a tomb, or underground, destined to contain at least one statue of the owner of the tomb.

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The measurements of original mastaba are estimated at 16.00m by 10.20m, with a height of 4.40m.

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