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In addition, we add some styling techniques to make your crossbody leads better for both MEN and WOMEN! This simple salsa dance video lesson will show you how to connect beginner and intermediate salsa dance moves into a simple combination.We will utilize a regular cross body lead, S-turn, Cross Body Lead 180 and a hammer lock loop over lock in sequence for this combination.Intermediate Salsa lesson from pm-pm and Beginner Salsa lesson from pm-pm! cover at the door includes lesson and bottle of water. 5095 Yonge St North of Sheppard, 2nd floor at Empress Walk Mall. Our attendance ranges from 150-300 students per outing which provides everyone an opportunity to meet and dance with students from other classes in a variety of levels and skill-sets.Social dancing with life DJ music from 10pm onwards, cover at the door includes the lesson. 5095 Yonge St North of Sheppard, 2nd floor at Empress Walk Mall. To begin your salsa dance journey, we recommend Salsa-Nightclub level 1 as your first lesson.This will assist students in basic musicality, body movement and leading and following skills.

Contact us for more details including pricing and availability.3 Things to expect: - The class is catered to suit your needs - One hour session - Going over the fundamentals - Learn different level Combinations - Missed a class and don't want to get behind?Bring the receipt with you to the first class and redeem it for a punch card for six one-hour classes, no partner required!Salsa is not just a form of dance, it is an experience of Latin culture through dancing – a SOCIAL EVENT!Looking on how to entertain on your romantic date night? Apple has selected us as one of their "App Store Essentials" for their 'Date Night' category. I am very happy to have found out that interest in learning to dance on2 (NY/PR) timing has started becoming very popular on addicted2It is definitely an honor to have Pocket Salsa be picked by Apple as an essential application for your romantic date! To help everyone become more familiar with the clave and the VERY important conga slap, I haveeditedthe original salsa clave track I created in Garageband for......

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