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A reporter from The Beijing Times signed up on and successfully with a fake ID with wrong ID number and random mug shot.

He also had no difficulties in changing his information, like academic background, profession, marital status and salary right after signing up, without further verification.

Start meaningful connection with awesome singles at Cupid, as this is your real chance of happiness.Jiajia, not her real name, a member of, believes in verified profiles, saying she cares very much if other members have verified information."I won't send any message to a man without any verified personal info," she said. A woman in the paper's story, who only gives the name Xiaoqing and who worked for two popular dating sites, including, for over two years, explained how they exploit their clients.Lots of single women are looking for partners who are comfortably-off to support the family.Single men are often looking for good household keepers.

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