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Our life coaching services can help you understand how to create a new family that fulfills everyone’s needs.For more information, visit Nancy and Barbara at Elegant Introductions at 305-615-1900 or contact us today.Today, it is much more acceptable for the adults in the relationship to live together and raise the children jointly without the legal commitment of a marriage or adoption.This more lenient approach can cause difficulties, particularly in terms of child support, medical decisions, and other complex issues, such as: Many blended families successfully overcome these difficulties, becoming strong, supportive family units for every member.The parents may or may not then have children with each other.Traditionally, the parents of a blended family would be married, often after a divorce or death of a previous spouse, but modern blended families may not have married parents; cohabitant parents can both serve as role models for the children without a marriage ceremony.In more than thirty years of counseling with blended families, I’ve learned that not every family is successful at “blending”—especially when it comes to the priorities of the marriage and children.An intact nuclear family starts with a marriage and then adds children to the mix.

Be respectful of each family member and treat them compassionately.But in a blended family, the children are there at the beginning; they pre-date the marriage. In these situations, I believe kids need to be included in the dating and selection process of a mate.Without empowering the children beyond their capacity, blended family relationships simply work much better if the children feel as though they are part of the courtship experience.It isn’t easy to blend a new couple’s children from a prior marriage or relationship into a cohesive family unit, especially if you go into the “blending” with a goal of trying to duplicate the family you had before.Instead, respect the differences in your new family members and honor your step-children’s individual stages of acceptance of the relationship.

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