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His father trains a boxer, Anand (Subbaraju), whom his father is sure will win the championship.Anand is Eeshwar's devotion and on many occasions he demonstrates his preference for Anand over Kumaran.While the white-themed Christian wedding took place in a make shift church erected on the premises, the mandap for the Hindu wedding will reportedly be on a water body.Thottumkal's fanclub tweeted a picture of the extravagant venue.He wins the kickboxing championship and the movie ends with Kumaran seeing a final apparition of his mother looking at him proudly and waving goodbye.The film went on to become a commercial success and a major leap in Jayam Ravi's career.On her deathbed she tells her son to meet his father, Eeshwar, whom Kumaran had idolised all this while. Kumaran feels betrayed and angry looking at his father living life there happily without a second thought about his son or his first wife.

Thottumkal shared the picture of the card on her Instagram handle and titled the capture, " The young couple has so far managed to kept all the preparations of the wedding under wraps and away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, akin Shahid Kapoor.

This further deepens the rift between Kumaran and his father.

Anand makes Eeshwar's daughter pregnant and dumps her.

He turns traitor to Eeshwar and joins another team when they offer him a better contract.

The rest of the story is about how Eeshwar trains Kumaran against Anand and wins the kickboxing competition, while Kumaran helps his half-sister with her love.

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