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So how can you make your content curation stand out? Benefit-Focused Content Curation is similar to most other types of curation, with one huge difference: it focuses on the outcomes that your audience wants. Here you go: This is a guide I put together a while back called, Link Building: The Definitive Guide.

This guide has generated over 217,000 visitors from social media, forums, blogs and search engines: (I should point out that the guide’s design and promotion contributed to its success.

For example, let’s say you were going to publish a blog post optimized around the keyword “glass water bottles”.

First, take a look at the Adwords ads for that keyword: Keep an eye out for interesting copy from the ads that you can work into your title and description. All Top is a modern day directory that curates the best blogs in every industry under the sun.

Here’s how: First, use this simple search string: site:[keyword] “dead link” For example, if you were in the investing space you’d search for something like this: Next, visit a page in the search results that’s relevant to your site: Hit ctrl f and search for “dead link”: Your browser will jump to any dead links in the references section: Pro Tip: Wikipedia actually has a list of articles with dead links. Well you re-create that dead resource on your site and replace the dead link in Wikipedia with yours.

This makes finding dead links in Wikipedia even easier. But that would only land you a single link (and a nofollow link at that).

Despite being over ten years old, Hilltop still plays a major role in today’s search engine landscape.

Hilltop is essentially an on-page SEO signal way that tells Google whether or not a page is a “hub” of information. It’s simple: Hubs are determined by the quality and relevancy of that page’s outbound links. The pages you link out to tend to reflect the topic of your page.

(In fact, REALLY good copy can actually steal traffic from the top 3 results) Question is: How do you know what people want to click on? You see, the Adwords ads that you see for competitive keywords are the result of hundreds (if not thousands) of split tests. And you can use copy from these ads to turn your title and description tags into click magnets.

So how can you give those pages a boost so they hit the first page?

Use one of my all-time favorite SEO techniques: throw some internal links their way!

And pages that link to helpful resources also tend to be higher-quality than pages that only link to their own stuff.

In other words, pages that link out to awesome resources establish themselves as hubs of helpful content in the eyes of Big G.

Search for 40 20 dating show wiki:

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That will show Google that your page is a Hilltop Hub.

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